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cambria booster

Three things you’ll love about your new booster seat

  • Experience: Your child’s safety journey doesn’t end just because they outgrow a harnessed car seat. Their journey continues on, boosted up, so they can see the world as they travel the road.
  • Comfort: Overprotecting your child in every way as you drop them off at school, a play date with a friend or an overnight visit with grandparents. Big kids fit better in a cambria booster seat.
  • Lifestyle: Your big kid loves color and convenience. Cambria offers bright colors and two swivel cup holders to keep them happy while they are seeing the world.

3 ♥s for diono:

  • Experience: Cambria offers six height adjustments and views outside the window.
  • Comfort: Cambria is light weight, easy to install and convert to backless.
  • Lifestyle: Let your big kid choose from four color fashion and keep snacks handy.

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A durable and high quality high back booster.

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