Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our car seats, top-tether use and more below.

Do all of Diono car seats have side impact protection?

Yes, all Diono car seats provide reinforced side impact protection, and some models offer the increased protection of an adjustable head support. Currently, there is no U.S. or European regulatory side impact testing requirement. A manufacturer can make the claim of “side impact safety” without meeting any standard. Diono’s radian rXT and monterey XT models were side impact tested to the widely accepted German standard established by ADAC, Europe’s largest automobile club.


Do all car seats sold in the U.S. actually meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s FMVSS213 standards?

FMVSS213 does not require child seats to achieve performance results with RF children above 22 pounds and for FF children above 50 pounds. Radian and monterey XT meet all the performance standards with all weight children, RF and FF. Radian does this with and without using top tether.


Can I order replacement SuperLATCH parts for a radian seat and use it up to the higher LATCH capacities?

Replacement SuperLATCH components can be ordered, but radian seats can only be used up to the LATCH/UAS capacity stated on the stickers that are affixed to the seat.


Are radian seats FAA certified for use on an airplane?

Yes, all Diono child car seats (with integral harness) are certified for use on aircraft.


Are Diono car seats approved for use with Ford Motor Company’s Inflatable Seat Belts?

As of September 2016, Diono has approved the use of all current models of Diono convertible car seats and booster seats with Ford Motor Company’s Inflatable Seat Belts.This allowance is retroactive to previous radian convertible, monterey and monterey XT booster models.

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