Before You Install

Proper car seat installation is essential to safety. Follow these steps to help ensure your child's car seat is as safe as possible.

What do I need to know before I install a Diono car seat?

What are the Important First Steps?

  • Pay special attention to the WARNINGS in your manual on pages 6-8 and on the instructional pages of the installation scenarios.
  • Watch our installation videos before installing the Diono car seat
  • Get familiar with all the parts and features
  • Make an appointment with a Certified Child Passenger Safety technician to double check your installation. Most car seats are unknowingly installed incorrectly.
  • Mail in or register your Diono car seat online
  • Call our Consumer Care Team 1.855.463.4666 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST. If you have an urgent matter or questions, please call rather than email.


How does the Diono convertible car seat fold flat?

Diono All-In-One Convertible car seats fold flat for storage and travel convenience.

To Fold:

  • Unbuckle harness and remove the infant cushions (if used) and take out the red carry strap from behind the cover.
  • Unfasten both fabric side panels and open fully.
  • Loosen harness: lift silver lever (Cam lock) while pulling the harness straps all the way forward.
  • Raise head support to its top position.
  • Adjust both expandable sides to their inward position.
  • Fully loosen harness straps, pads, and chest clip, move towards the top center of the car seat.
  • Place car seat on its back, push either release lever downward to release locking bolts. Keep harness buckle lifted toward the top of the car seat while folding seat bottom up to avoid pinching the buckle within the fold.
  • Fasten red carry strap on the first metal bar to secure the bottom of the car seat in its folded position.
  • You can also watch our the Folding your Diono Car Seat video and the Unfolding your Diono Car Seat video

IMPORTANT: If car seat does not easily fold completely, do NOT force it closed. Repeat steps 1-7 if needed.


What is the Safe Stop®? How important is it to be installed on the harness?

  • A patented, energy absorbing harness component that significantly reduces the forces affecting a child’s head, neck and chest in an accident.
  • It’s a load-limiting device designed to absorb energy and reduce impact to a smaller, forward-facing child. Younger, forward-facing children (under 40 lbs) have proportionally heavier heads, but less-developed neck strength.
  • All-In-One Convertible car seats are the only car seats in the world with this energy absorbing harness system.


How do I loosen and tighten the harness?

  • To release, simply lift up the metal cam lock and pull the harness strap away from the car seat.
  • To tighten the harness, simply ‘pull, release, repeat’.
  • When you pull the harness snug, the cam lock lever will drop down automatically.


Does Detachable Rear-Facing Base have to be used on the Diono convertible+booster seat?

*** AAP and Diono highly recommend keeping children rear-facing for as long as possible.***

  • Detachable base must only be used when the car seat is rear facing! Do not use detachable base when the car seat is forward-facing. If you have lost the base, you can order a new one here.


Installing Base (Rear-Facing ONLY)

  • Confirm seat is locked in its unfolded position. Watch our video, How to Unfold your Diono Seat.
  • Confirm adjustable bottom is flush with the bottom of the car seat. Watch our video, Using the Adjustable Bottom.
  • Align posts with holes and insert base into the bottom of the car seat.
  • Slide base back until it reaches alignment mark on the bottom of the car seat and secures into place.
  • Push in the metal tab to lock base.


How do I remove the Detachable base Rear-Facing Base?

  • Pull metal tab out to unlock base.
  • Slide base forward.
  • Pull base away from the bottom of the car seat.


What is the purpose of the Diono Angle Adjuster?

  • The Angle Adjuster is a foam block specifically designed only for All-In-One Convertible car seats.
  • It positions rear-facing Diono Convertible car seats at a more upright angle for older children and can add up to 4” more room behind the front seats for more front leg room.
  • It is to be used only with a rear-facing seat and with a child that can sit up unassisted and has complete head control.
  • Do not use for a newborn baby.


How do I install the Angle Adjuster?

  • Slide the Angle Adjuster underneath the bottom of the Diono car seat until it touches the back of the base.
  • Install the seat per the instruction manual.


When should I use the Forward-Facing Adjustable Bottom on the Diono convertible & booster car seats?

  • (Must use for all-in-one convertibles manufactured after Dec 2014)
  • Adjustable bottom MUST be extended down for children 25 lbs. and over in a forward-facing installation.
  • You can watch our video, Using the Adjustable Bottom.


How do I lower the Adjustable Bottom on the Diono convertible & booster car seats?

Lowering adjustable bottom:

  • Lift bottom bar up and over the inside channel towards the car seat bottom to release.
  • Confirm adjustable bottom is locked in its lowered position.


How do I raise the Adjustable bottom on the dino convertible & booster car seats?

Raising adjustable bottom:

  • Lift bottom bar up and over the inside channel (follow the “c” shape channel) away from the car seat bottom to secure closed.
  • Confirm adjustable bottom is locked in its closed position.
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